Careful listening and interpretation gets casting, location and props right

photo of smiling man standing behind kitchen counter putting camera into an ebay valet shipping service box
photo of webpage describing the ebay valet selling service with a man packing up a camera, laptop computer, coffee maker, small red camera and brass trumpet
photo of smiling women and man standing in their kitchen packing a camera, blender, high heel shoes , ipad into an eBay valet shipping service box
photo of smiling women behind a counter in a warehouse shipping center taping closed an eBay valet box

This lifestyle and product web advertising photo shoot introduced eBay’s new service, eBay Valet.

As the Photographer’s Producer, we had to clearly tell the story of each step comprising the new eBay Valet service. Casting, locations and props had to be spot on, and they were! Key to achieving this was being able to understand, synthesize and balance the expectations of the advertising agency, Swirl; their client eBay; and of course my client, Photographer Eric Herrmann /XYZ Graphics.

Experience working on both the creative and client sides of a photo shoot can prove indispensable when establishing consensus across multiple parties.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development; Transportation Logistics



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