A powerful message spoken in images can strengthen a cause

Photo of an magazine ad of smiling new mother and successful kidney transplant recipient hugging her new baby
photo of women wearing a turban and cucumbers over eyes sits in a mud bath to celebrate her continued good health
Photo of at Dallas barbershop location where smiling barber gives a haircut to kidney transplant patient before his grand daughter’s wedding
photo of a young women celebrating a second chance in life after a successful kidney transplant with a fast ride in her water skiing boat   

Some of the most rewarding projects have been those that involved working with organizations committed to improving health and education.

One notable project was photographing Transplanting a Miracle: Stories of Success. Roche Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with Grey Healthcare Group, launched a national public relations campaign to promote organ donation awareness and the drug CellCept that prevented organ rejection.

The softer approach was a nationwide travelling exhibition of black-and-white photographs showing people living their renewed lives after a successful kidney transplant. To maximize the message, the exhibition was displayed in high visibility locations like Penn Station in New York. Its freestanding design allowed visitors to focus on one person’s story at a time, on a very personal level.

I believe in contributing my small piece to a bigger and better picture.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post Production Wrap; Location Scouting; Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling; Travel Coordination



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