Have a ‘Can Do!’ attitude when the unexpected happens

photo of three young men at sunny coffee shop one is looking at the screen of his Nvidia Shield device
close up photo of a male model at a park location operating with his Nvidia Shield device to fly a drone
photo of a man and woman drinking coffee at a cafe viewing images streaming on the screen of a nvidia shield
Photo of a young man sitting in bed at night wearing headphones quietly playing avideo game on his Nvidia Shield
photo from Nvidia's website of the heads of a couple viewing the same screen image on their Shield and the TV in the background

NVIDIA needed web lifestyle photos to showcase the mobility, functionality, and cross-gender appeal of their NVIDIA Shield gaming device.

We had only seven prep days to produce a two-day, four-location shoot that included locating an operable public transit ”prop” bus and casting seven real people models. It was starting to fall into place until an unexpected U.S. Government shut down closed all national parks the day before our shoot caused us to lose access to one of our main locations. With a good deal of “can do” and “no problem” determination we found a way to swap the two shoot days around to give us an extra minute to rollout Plan B. Not only did we find the perfect replacement location, the permit cost was even less than the original location!

Yes, things tend to work out.  Just need to think on your feet and stay flexible.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post Production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development



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