Chevy Trax

The success of a photo shoot requires the resourcefulness of a great team

photo of downtown Seattle WA location with a Chevy Trax car driving under the elevated monorail train tracks
photo of night time street scene with several groups of people, a moving Vespa scooter and Chevy Trax car in front of a Italian cafe
photo of street car on an urban street location with four young models carrying musical instruments from a Chevy Trax car
photo of river walk waterfront and E .Burnside Bridge Portland, OR with joggers and a couple on bicycles by their Chevy Trax car
photo of modern apartment building on a city street with a man commuting on a bike next to Chevy Trax car

The introduction of the Chevy Trax for General Motors’ international marketing partners required a two-day, two-city, five-location photo shoot. Trick was, the car was not available and the modest budget didn’t support shooting in their targeted overseas market. Working once again with talented agency XYZ Graphics, these challenges were met with creative solutions. The car image was created in post-production using CGI and the right “international“ feel was found nearby in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.

Closing off downtown Seattle under the monorail was a tall order. When 10 cars disregarded our “No Parking/Tow Away” signs the Seattle Police and location scout Craig Stewart “cleared” the street quickly. We started right on schedule, affirming a couple of my credos: hire the best to do what they do, and never skimp on the support crew.

The result? Challenges met with solutions.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development



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