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Careful listening and interpretation gets casting, location and props right

photo of smiling man standing behind kitchen counter putting camera into an ebay valet shipping service box
photo of webpage describing the ebay valet selling service with a man packing up a camera, laptop computer, coffee maker, small red camera and brass trumpet
photo of smiling women and man standing in their kitchen packing a camera, blender, high heel shoes , ipad into an eBay valet shipping service box
photo of smiling women behind a counter in a warehouse shipping center taping closed an eBay valet box

This lifestyle and product web advertising photo shoot introduced eBay’s new service, eBay Valet.

As the Photographer’s Producer, we had to clearly tell the story of each step comprising the new eBay Valet service. Casting, locations and props had to be spot on, and they were! Key to achieving this was being able to understand, synthesize and balance the expectations of the advertising agency, Swirl; their client eBay; and of course my client, Photographer Eric Herrmann /XYZ Graphics.

Experience working on both the creative and client sides of a photo shoot can prove indispensable when establishing consensus across multiple parties.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development; Transportation Logistics



Effective marketing photography requires insight into branding and merchandising

photo of young boy wearing a plaid Levi’s shirt standing on a toy Tonka dump truck in front of a painted mural of a construction site
photo of a wide eyed young girl jumping with her arm outstretched wearing a Levi's stripe shirt and corduroy pants
laydown apparel photo of Levi's work wear pants, jacket and shirts propped with vintage gas station signs, tools and gas pump hose

Fulfilled the role of multi-project collaborator to produce marketing collateral photography for Levi’s Jeans Division, Dockers, Levi’s Kids and their Visual Merchandising and Retail Marketing Groups.

A brief sampling of projects completed with Levi’s ranged from a year-long, five-part, sell-in / sell-through campaign for Levi’s Men’s Jeans, shot both in studio and on location; consulting for Levi’s Jeans Division to help identify and build out 8,000 square foot photo studio and retail store test lab.

These and a variety of similar projects allowed me to develop an extensive and in-depth understanding of branding and merchandising and how to best utilize photography in conveying the marketing message.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development; Transportation Logistics


Chevy Trax

The success of a photo shoot requires the resourcefulness of a great team

photo of downtown Seattle WA location with a Chevy Trax car driving under the elevated monorail train tracks
photo of night time street scene with several groups of people, a moving Vespa scooter and Chevy Trax car in front of a Italian cafe
photo of street car on an urban street location with four young models carrying musical instruments from a Chevy Trax car
photo of river walk waterfront and E .Burnside Bridge Portland, OR with joggers and a couple on bicycles by their Chevy Trax car
photo of modern apartment building on a city street with a man commuting on a bike next to Chevy Trax car

The introduction of the Chevy Trax for General Motors’ international marketing partners required a two-day, two-city, five-location photo shoot. Trick was, the car was not available and the modest budget didn’t support shooting in their targeted overseas market. Working once again with talented agency XYZ Graphics, these challenges were met with creative solutions. The car image was created in post-production using CGI and the right “international“ feel was found nearby in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.

Closing off downtown Seattle under the monorail was a tall order. When 10 cars disregarded our “No Parking/Tow Away” signs the Seattle Police and location scout Craig Stewart “cleared” the street quickly. We started right on schedule, affirming a couple of my credos: hire the best to do what they do, and never skimp on the support crew.

The result? Challenges met with solutions.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development


JBL by Harman

Back to basics – getting the answers, establishing a plan and meeting the timeline

Close up photo of Stephen Curry Golden State Warrior listening to music on JBL headphones
advertisement photo of Stephen Curry in his white uniform bouncing a basketball in dark gym setting with the ad words Inspiration JBL by Harmon
photo of Steph Curry wearing JBL headphones around his neck holding a basketball with one hand in front of a bright spot light
photo of Steph Curry in his uniform holding a basketball wearing wirelessin-ear headphones by JBL

While shooting the Plus 2 commercial “Listen In Color” with Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry, advertising agency Amusement Park needed additional stills of Curry with a variety of JBL’s Bluetooth products. The immediate challenge was that there wasn’t a defined shot list to make this happen and we only had him and the location for 90 minutes.

With great diplomacy I identified and approached the decision makers, worked closely with them to define and secure a shot list, translated it into a timeline and identified and located the featured products. OK got it, eight different poses in two gym locations with four different products and two wardrobe changes with 10 minutes to clear out our equipment before the film crew moved in. I rounded up the product and Stephen Curry and photographer Stephen Kenneston/Molten Bolt Productions, Inc. finished with five minutes to spare! Both Stephens were such pros. 

An essential part of producing is not being timid getting answers when time is of the essence.

Services: Scheduling + Shot List Development; Crew Coordination; Product Wrangling; Post-production Wrap



Have a ‘Can Do!’ attitude when the unexpected happens

photo of three young men at sunny coffee shop one is looking at the screen of his Nvidia Shield device
close up photo of a male model at a park location operating with his Nvidia Shield device to fly a drone
photo of a man and woman drinking coffee at a cafe viewing images streaming on the screen of a nvidia shield
Photo of a young man sitting in bed at night wearing headphones quietly playing avideo game on his Nvidia Shield
photo from Nvidia's website of the heads of a couple viewing the same screen image on their Shield and the TV in the background

NVIDIA needed web lifestyle photos to showcase the mobility, functionality, and cross-gender appeal of their NVIDIA Shield gaming device.

We had only seven prep days to produce a two-day, four-location shoot that included locating an operable public transit ”prop” bus and casting seven real people models. It was starting to fall into place until an unexpected U.S. Government shut down closed all national parks the day before our shoot caused us to lose access to one of our main locations. With a good deal of “can do” and “no problem” determination we found a way to swap the two shoot days around to give us an extra minute to rollout Plan B. Not only did we find the perfect replacement location, the permit cost was even less than the original location!

Yes, things tend to work out.  Just need to think on your feet and stay flexible.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post Production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development



Secret of success – maintaining a deep resource network of creative talent

Photo of little boy with a funny smile wearing a yellow rain coat sitting on wet steps holding a muddy frog
Photo of little girl dressed in Easter apparel holding a straw purse with three baby ducklings inside
Close up photo of little girl peeking through a wet clear polka dotted Gymboree umbrella
photo of eight yellow baby ducklings running across grass used for an in-store Easter poster
Photo of a smiling kid wearing his dress-up Easter clothes hands stuffed in his pants pockets standing in a sunny garden location
Photo of two young girls walking under a umbrella by a pond wearing matching pink and polka dot outfits by children's apparel company Gymboree

Always respectful of the importance of deadlines, when presented with only five days to produce two in-store point-of-sale campaigns, we didn’t flinch or falter.

To save time and money we found one perfect location that worked for their two different campaigns, Rainy Day and Easter. The weather gods were with us; it rained hard on the day we shot Rainy Day and the sun came beaming out for Easter. Working my extensive resource network we were able to find and hire a great crew of twelve, not including the ducklings and bunnies.

One of the advantages of experience is having access to the right resources for each project.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development


Mark and Graham

Producing all aspects of a brand’s catalog and e-commerce photo shoots

photo of Mark & Graham holiday catalog cover of a brown puppy popping out of large a cow hide handbag
photo of a small black & white dog sitting under a chair next to two dog carrier bags made for Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
photo of graphic colorful orange and magenta e-commerce small leather goods gift ideas
photo of Mark and Graham catalog cover of father wearing a backpack carrying his baby boy in the house
photo of a female model in wide brimmed straw hat holding three striped canvas beach totes for catalog cover
Photo of outdoor summery location of a beautiful model with the woven basket on the back of her bicycle filled with fresh flowers
photo of playful product shot of two rows of stacked colorful acrylic glasses on reflective set
catalog shoot photo of laughing female model in a bathing suit sitting in a wooden chair holding three bold striped beach bags
Photo of a happy women kissing a man after receiving a Mark and Graham gift during a backyard party
Laydown apparel photo of red, navy & white striped scarf and dresses on a wood set for Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Produced all aspects of five seasonal catalog and e-commerce photo shoots for Mark and Graham, the personalized gift and lifestyle brand of Williams-Sonoma, Inc.

Mark and Graham’s key strategic partner, creative director, and photo art director, Jennifer Morla of Morla Design, brought Kit Morris Productions into this growing start-up. Applying my experience with emerging and growing brands, photo production, product pipeline delivery and an extensive knowledge of every aspect of studio and location photography to this collaboration, I was able to further develop and provide on-going support to both the photo team and the client, Mark and Graham, in the role of photo producer. My responsibilities included working closely with the client and creative director from catalog pre-production through generation of the shot list, assisting the client with merchandise coordination, team building, managing all aspects of each photo shoot, and following-up with hindsight feedback and recommendations for process improvements.

It’s rewarding to work collectively, as part of a small but dedicated creative team.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post-production Wrap; Location Scouting; Studio + Equipment Rental; Permits; Casting; Contract Negotiations; Stylist + Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling + Shot List Development; Merchandise, Product + Prop Management; Set Construction + Coordination; Transportation Logistics



A powerful message spoken in images can strengthen a cause

Photo of an magazine ad of smiling new mother and successful kidney transplant recipient hugging her new baby
photo of women wearing a turban and cucumbers over eyes sits in a mud bath to celebrate her continued good health
Photo of at Dallas barbershop location where smiling barber gives a haircut to kidney transplant patient before his grand daughter’s wedding
photo of a young women celebrating a second chance in life after a successful kidney transplant with a fast ride in her water skiing boat   

Some of the most rewarding projects have been those that involved working with organizations committed to improving health and education.

One notable project was photographing Transplanting a Miracle: Stories of Success. Roche Pharmaceuticals, in partnership with Grey Healthcare Group, launched a national public relations campaign to promote organ donation awareness and the drug CellCept that prevented organ rejection.

The softer approach was a nationwide travelling exhibition of black-and-white photographs showing people living their renewed lives after a successful kidney transplant. To maximize the message, the exhibition was displayed in high visibility locations like Penn Station in New York. Its freestanding design allowed visitors to focus on one person’s story at a time, on a very personal level.

I believe in contributing my small piece to a bigger and better picture.

Services: Budget Management; Pre-production Planning; Post Production Wrap; Location Scouting; Crew Sourcing + Hiring; Scheduling; Travel Coordination



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