If there is a hat for every part of a photo production, Kit has worn it. For a shoot halfway around the world or half a block away, Kit balances leadership with collaboration and complex project production experience with superb people skills, while being able to see both the creative and client perspectives.

Kit’s beginnings as a humble “camera girl” in Waikiki Beach confirmed her love of the medium. To her mother’s joy she “finally got serious” and migrated back to San Francisco, securing a degree in photography and opening her own commercial photography studio. For the next 20 years Kit built lasting relationships with clients in advertising, corporations, e-commerce and retail.

By 2005 she was looking for the next challenge in this changing industry, and moved to the client side to become an in-house Senior Photography Producer for Restoration Hardware.

photo of kit morris wearing 3 hats and looking like the cat in the hat character from dr. zeuss  

Her skill set easily dovetailed with those of a Producer: juggling simultaneous photo shoots, supporting creative teams, and managing large production budgets.

In 2008 the next phase debuted: Kit Morris Productions, a full-service production company. The cornerstones of the company are her extensive knowledge of photography, diverse industry experience, network of resources and — above all — the belief in collaboration. Juggling a multitude of balls with grace, intuition, clarity, humor and professionalism is what she is known for and loves to do.

Call Kit and find out for yourself.